Magaluf, Mallorca

There is no other place like Magaluf’s nightlife. It is known for its infamous parties and a reputation that they are proud of. Along the Puente Ballena (the Strip) as it is known is 500 meters of pure partying. There are over 50 bars and 5 nightclubs and other added entertainment venues such as a bungee ball and also 4 tattoo shops.

There are also lots of parties happening every night such as Zoo Project, Foam Parties and Holi Parties and other such mad nights out. In the daytime there are boat parties such as Magaluf Booze Cruise and other such excursions. We used a company called to pre-book tickets before we got there but there are many similar firms around so take a look to see which suits you best.

Bars and Clubs

Mambos – this bar is very popular for stag and hen parties but is filled with other entertainment activities with podium dancing girls and a DJ all day and night, It is positioned between the strip and Magaluf beach. They have great activities like a wet T-shirt, foam and Christmas parties. The Christmas party is exceptionally popular with artificial snow, cheap drinks, music and Santa hats to add to the atmosphere.

Oceans Beach Club – often hosting the biggest events this fantastic 5-star beach club is close the beaches of Magaluf Beach. It hosts full moon parties, in-house, DJ’s a heated pool with sunbeds and bottle service is what makes Ocean Beach Club unique. It is a popular venue for locals and tourists alike, serves food throughout the day and the Sunday Champagne Pool party is a great place to be.

Panama Jacks – is one of the first bars that residents from that BH Mallorca Hotel or the Magaluf Playa Hotel visit and is situated opposite the famous BCM Planet Dance. The DJ’s provide great entertainment with drinking games and witty comments throughout the day. If you are wanting a break from the Strip Panama Jacks is a great place to go or as a stop before going to BCM Dance.

BCM Planet Dance – this is a world famous club that needs no introduction and is voted as the 5th best club in the world. Be prepared to be surprised by the magnificent 3D Tarm laser with an array of sexy international podium dancers but that is not all. At BCM all the events that they host they supply a full free bar for the patrons as soon as you enter.

Red Lion – it is still one of the most popular night bars in Magaluf. The resident DJ’s know how to get the place rocking. There are lots of great fun activities like boys and girls on the podium, drinking games and with the added character Benji to keep the patrons entertained through the night.

Boomerangs – is one of the oldest clubs but still one of the most popular. This is a spacious underground club that has all the makings for a fantastic atmosphere including the sticky floors. There is very little chance of waiting for drinks with the 3 huge bars to make sure that you get your favourite drink. The DJ’s are some of the most famous in Magaluf and with the added attraction of having one of your favourite TV stars attending. It is also known as the best club for meeting someone and has a reputation that no-one leaves alone.

Office Club – have to mention this club because it is a mixture of bar and club. Some will call it a club and others will call it a bar but the fact is that it stays open until 6 am so should be a club. The Office Club is situated right in the middle of the strip and is one of the best clubs to visit when you are in Magaluf and the entrance is absolutely free.

There are still plenty of other clubs and bars that you can visit but these are some of the better-known venues for that exciting infamous parties that Magaluf is known for.

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

The Ayia Napa is a breathtaking resort located on the southern coast of Cyprus. The place is frequented by tourists from all over the world for its enchanting attractions and activities. Among other things, Ayia Napa is prominent for its exhilarating nightlife. The city features a number of bars, pubs, discothèques, taverns and clubhouses offering different experiences to cater to tastes and preferences of the visitors. No matter what an individual is looking for, they are assured of a gala time.

Dance All Night

For youths and individuals eager to get on the dance floor and have the time of their lives, there are plenty of clubs and discotheques around the town. These open around 1 am in the night and the party goes on up to early morning. They serve drinks and snack on the premises. Tourists who are looking to go wild can get on the floor and dance till they drop.

Find Your Perfect Place

Different accommodations play different music. From the rock, house and hip hop music in the happening clubs to the serene jazz and RnB music in clubhouses and restaurants. Some establishments might even have live bands performing. There is a place that has music to suit every mood.

Visit the Bars at Main Square

The main square is where the most happening places of the resort are located. There are plenty of bars which open around 8 and are bustling with people by 11. As the night grows longer, the music played in the bars gets louder and the party moves from the pubs to the streets. The music is allowed till 2am while the bars may be open a little longer. Clubs and discos might have parties that are on a little longer.

Dine under Starlit Sky

There are plenty of bars and restaurants that feature open areas and roof top terraces to have a great time under the starlit sky. These may have a dance floor and a live band that might play music to the tastes of the guests. The people of Ayia Napa have a profound love for dancing. There are many establishments that along with serving local cuisine also have live performances of local folk dances and music. There might even be special nights such as Greek nights and Creek folk that offer one-off experiences.

Go for a Romantic Retreat

The resort not only is famous for club and discs, there are also multiple restaurants and bars for a serene romantic time. Quite a few of these offer enclosed dining area by the shore to intake the gorgeous sea views. Couples looking for a romantic dinner date can check these out. Tourists even have the option of dining in private cruises on the coastal waters while basking in the moonlight.

Get in A Festive Mood

The resort hosts multiple musical festival such as the Ayia Napa Youth festival. Famous local and global rock and metal bands perform live in these audiophilic affairs. The atmosphere is electric and the crowds are in thousands. The festivals are perfect for people looking for a thrilling once in a lifetime affair. The festivals are generally help in the months from July to September, that see a high volume of tourists.

Party at the waterfront

For those who love the sea, the party barge boats offer a great opportunity to party on the water. There are plenty of organizers around town that offer packages for an all-out celebration on boats and cruises. Drinks and food are served on the vessel itself. People travelling in groups, may even higher a private boat or a cruise for an exclusive retreat.

The nightlife of Aiya Napa is great for people looking for a night out and fun with plenty of places to suit individualistic tastes. This resort must be visited by people at least once in their lives.

Marbella, Spain

Marbella is known worldwide for its famous nightlife, exquisite restaurants and bars. There is no shortage of places to go in Marbella for a nights entertainment whether you want to go to a night club, classy restaurant or quiet bar there are plenty of options to choose from.

La Sala – is fast becoming one of the places to go to in Marbella and is situated in Puerto Banus. If you are wanting that quiet exquisite dining experience and wanting to admire the beautiful view of la Conchas then this is the restaurant to visit. It also caters for those that not only want a great meal but want to enjoy the ambience of live music and quiet company. Visit La Sala when you are on holiday and if you are driving they have a valet service so that there is no stress finding parking

La Suite – is an exclusive night club that is well known and often visited by celebrities. It is a night club that plays a host of music for you to enjoy after your dinner and dance until the early hours of the morning. The DJ’s ensure that they provide the hottest music around for the people to enjoy.

Portside – situated right at the front of Puerto Banus and next to the famous Linekers you are in amongst all the action. They do not serve food throughout the week but snacks are available Wednesday to Sunday. They have great terraces at the back and front and you can spend the watching all the yachts sailing by. A perfect venue to meet and start the night out and it is always busy with music playing every night and putting you in the mood. Don’t worry about the choice of drinks they provide from beers to cocktails so you are bound to get the drink you want.

Linekers – is a talking point of the nightlife in Marbella and is famous for the good time’s people have at Linekers. In the day time it is a sports bar but at night time it turns into a night club where one will find it difficult to find the dance floor empty. It is always packed with celebrities and VIP guests and is definitely somewhere one should visit when on holiday in Marbella. Lineker offers a whole lot of packages that are for stag, hen and girls only parties and often will serve a free bubbly on arrival.

Pangea – you want that special glamorous night out with your friends, spouses or family this is the club to visit. A rooftop luxury terrace with non-stop partying and a good way to experience luxury living. Pangea has the top international DJ’s so if you visit you will not be disappointed. The entrance fees are reasonable and one that you should experience if you would like to have a luxurious and classy night out.

Tibu Banus – famous for the best nights in Marbella is a must visit when you are having a holiday and enjoy clubbing. They are open 7 days a week during the summer months and are open from dusk until 7 am every day. The entrance is normally free if you arrive before midnight and if you are thinking of having a group party at the exclusive nightclub make a reservation before hand because it is generally full after 12. The terraces offer the perfect partying atmosphere during those hot port nights.

Marbella offers the best of nightlife from the relaxing pub days to the exclusive night clubs and with choices that are hard to come by anywhere else.

Tenerife, Spain

When you are visiting Tenerife the place to go is Playa de las America’s especially if you are English speaking. There are great bars and clubs in this location that cater for all ages and for all tastes. From the young single groups to the elderly baby boomer groups that would love to have a night out.

Bar and Clubs

Veronica’s – the bars around this area have a reputation of being squalid but they are actually not that bad. There are bars like O’Neills and much more in this area which hosts strip clubs and does not have a targeted audience. It is a great place to visit with all the different entertainment at your disposal especially if you are of the younger age group. Veronicas is only a stone throw away from the clubs like Tramps.

Tramps – commonly know as the king of clubs Tramps is known for the club where every night is like a Saturday night. It is known as one of the best clubs in the Canary isles and some would say the whole of Spain. The club has a great atmosphere and with it being an underground club is known for its comfort with a luxurious VIP area, huge dance floor, 4 bars and ample seating area. The club focuses on House Music and the main night is Wednesday when all the big DJ brands and celebrities are featured from across the world.

Taboo’s Nightclub – situated at the Golf del Sur’s is a popular venue for both tourists and locals. It is a great place to let your hair down and enjoy drinks and partying until late into the night. The music is a mixture of funk, disco, house and lots of other genres. This nightclub appeals to both the younger and older generations and with lots of restaurants around that you can visit before you enter the club and enjoy the rest of the night to foot tapping music at 11 pm.

The Terrace Bar – a bar that caters for all ages and entertains every age group which is especially great for families. On a Sunday it offers live sporting entertainment inside the bar and live music outside. If you and your spouse would like a bit of quiet and a break from the kids it also offers fantastic entertainment for children. It is situated in the Pebble Beach area of Tenerife and people from all over the south travel to this venue to enjoy the succulent meals made from fresh ingredients.

Acanto – there are plenty of beachside bars that are situated in Costa Adeje but they do not compete with the class that Acanto offers visitors. It is conveniently close to the El Mirador shopping centre which is on the Playa del Duque beach. It has chilled out music with 3 hours of live music at night. Don’t want the loud busy night life but a relaxing evening with great food and background music then Acanto is the place to go.

Soul Suite – want to enjoy an evening with friends, listen to music and dance the night away then at Soul Suite which is situated in the Playa-des-las-Americas is the place to go. it is all to do with entertainment at Soul Suite. Featuring music such as Motown, soul and reggae and emphasising on the quality of entertainers it will be difficult to find entertainment of a higher standard than at Soul Suite in Tenerife.

Hard Rock Cafe – the menu is great and the view of the golden mile breathtaking. Like all Hard Rock Cafes it has all the memorabilia of all the rock bands over the decades and with live shows thrown in it makes a bar that you must visit when you are in Tenerife. It is situated in the Avenida de Las Americas and is the largest Cafe in Europe. It sits 600 people with two great terraces and one of them is on the first floor where you can enjoy the view of the Golden Mile and live music from local bands.

Ibiza, Spain

The land of electronic music, Ibiza is a heaven for people looking to party. This spectacular island of Spain is situated in the lap of the Mediterranean Sea and is world famous for the enchanting nightlife and electronic dance music festivals that are thronged by tourists from around the globe.

The Day Starts with A Party

A typical evening begins with exploring the magnificent beaches, chilling out at boat parties and watching the sun go down at sea following which drinks, dance and some snacks at a local bar is customary. For those thinking that dance and diner in the evening is the last thing on the itinerary. The day hasn’t even begun yet. That is just warm up, the real party starts from here.

The Land of Clubs

Ibiza is a land of clubs. Different clubs play different genre of music the prominent being techno, house and trance. The music genre may change at a club every night depending on the DJ in the house and the evening special. Clubs might even have multiple floors with each having a separate DJ playing a different type of music. Pacha is one such club that has several small floors along with a main room to suit taste of different people. Amnesia is a famous club in the region that has techno DJs on some days of the week while trance and electro DJs on the others.

No list featuring the most famous clubs worldwide is complete without mentioning Privilege – the biggest club in the world. It has the honor of being a host to the biggest and best parties and concerts. It has a swimming pool in the middle of its gigantic main room. The room is big enough to house a family of the most enormous dinosaurs. The party at the club continues till dawn when the first rays of sun hit its dance floor.

Music Dance Festivals

Ibiza is a home to multiple festivals held during the summers wherein DJs from around the world make the crowds groove to their rhythms. The festival season is from June to early October. Most of these clubs organize their own festival during this season.

Ibiza Rocks Hotel hosts quite a lot of musical festivals on the stage of its huge courtyard at center. It has a pool and bars to cater to the crowds. The parties begin in the evening with the setting sun and continue late into the night, finishing at disco sunrise. Until six in the morning.

The Famed Musical Bars

There are plenty of bars around the resort of Ibiza that offer a comparatively serene ambience for relaxing in between the parties. Some of these might be along the beautiful beaches, such as the world renowned Caló des Moro beach, that offer a spectacular view of the setting sun. Café del Mar is one of the most renowned bars of Ibiza brought to fame by DJ José Padilla. The bars in the town are the ideal place to go for a pre-partying routine and have DJs playing music. For couples looking for a romantic retreat, these bars are the prefect place.

Boat Parties

The fun is incomplete in the land of Ibiza if there is no party on a boat. There are plenty of organizers and promoters hosting parties in the middle of the sea. From party barges to sophisticated cruises, there is something to suit all budgets and tastes. Most of the boat parties are held during the evening and later the guests might even be invited to a party at a club or a discothèque.

The holiday life in Ibiza is literally sleeping all day and partying all night. It is a dream come true for all the party freaks.