The Ayia Napa is a breathtaking resort located on the southern coast of Cyprus. The place is frequented by tourists from all over the world for its enchanting attractions and activities. Among other things, Ayia Napa is prominent for its exhilarating nightlife. The city features a number of bars, pubs, discothèques, taverns and clubhouses offering different experiences to cater to tastes and preferences of the visitors. No matter what an individual is looking for, they are assured of a gala time.

Dance All Night

For youths and individuals eager to get on the dance floor and have the time of their lives, there are plenty of clubs and discotheques around the town. These open around 1 am in the night and the party goes on up to early morning. They serve drinks and snack on the premises. Tourists who are looking to go wild can get on the floor and dance till they drop.

Find Your Perfect Place

Different accommodations play different music. From the rock, house and hip hop music in the happening clubs to the serene jazz and RnB music in clubhouses and restaurants. Some establishments might even have live bands performing. There is a place that has music to suit every mood.

Visit the Bars at Main Square

The main square is where the most happening places of the resort are located. There are plenty of bars which open around 8 and are bustling with people by 11. As the night grows longer, the music played in the bars gets louder and the party moves from the pubs to the streets. The music is allowed till 2am while the bars may be open a little longer. Clubs and discos might have parties that are on a little longer.

Dine under Starlit Sky

There are plenty of bars and restaurants that feature open areas and roof top terraces to have a great time under the starlit sky. These may have a dance floor and a live band that might play music to the tastes of the guests. The people of Ayia Napa have a profound love for dancing. There are many establishments that along with serving local cuisine also have live performances of local folk dances and music. There might even be special nights such as Greek nights and Creek folk that offer one-off experiences.

Go for a Romantic Retreat

The resort not only is famous for club and discs, there are also multiple restaurants and bars for a serene romantic time. Quite a few of these offer enclosed dining area by the shore to intake the gorgeous sea views. Couples looking for a romantic dinner date can check these out. Tourists even have the option of dining in private cruises on the coastal waters while basking in the moonlight.

Get in A Festive Mood

The resort hosts multiple musical festival such as the Ayia Napa Youth festival. Famous local and global rock and metal bands perform live in these audiophilic affairs. The atmosphere is electric and the crowds are in thousands. The festivals are perfect for people looking for a thrilling once in a lifetime affair. The festivals are generally help in the months from July to September, that see a high volume of tourists.

Party at the waterfront

For those who love the sea, the party barge boats offer a great opportunity to party on the water. There are plenty of organizers around town that offer packages for an all-out celebration on boats and cruises. Drinks and food are served on the vessel itself. People travelling in groups, may even higher a private boat or a cruise for an exclusive retreat.

The nightlife of Aiya Napa is great for people looking for a night out and fun with plenty of places to suit individualistic tastes. This resort must be visited by people at least once in their lives.

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