The Spanish city of Barcelona has one of the most happening nightlife. Its vivid experiences provide plenty of options for people looking to party all night long. The night comes alive as the sun sets over the horizon, revealing a side of the city that is hard to predict from its calm ambience in the day. The pubs, discs and bars of this city are among the best and host the most happening parties around the world.

Gulp some Shots at Bars

Multiple bars across Barcelona are famous for their unique shots. Some of these bars have hundreds of different shots that have their own signature taste and kick. Espit Chuptios is one such bar that is most frequently visited by tourists who are looking to get a taste of the local flavors. The shots range from mild mood setter to ones that pack a punch. For a wild night of partying, gulping some shots is the perfect start.

Get on the feet

For people in the mood to groove, Barcelona houses a number of discothèques that have the best music played by the most prominent DJs from around the globe.

These clubs open at about 10 am but the party gets into full swing around 2 am in the morning. The dance floor keeps on bustling until dawn breaks. Sleep during the day, have fun at night. And the parties are hosted every day of the week. Early entry might even get an individual an offer in happy hours that might include complimentary drinks and free food.

Find the dance floor

A person may opt for clubs based on their musical preferences and the atmosphere. Many of these clubs also have international DJ nights.

If a person is looking for a club that is open air, the La Terrraza is the go to place. It is among the most popular nightclubs of Barcelona. It is a castle refurbished into a nightclub and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. It is perfect for spending all night dancing under the stars.

Another popular club worth checking out is the Razzmatazz. It is a unique discotheque as it has five separate dance floors each with their own ambience and music genre. Its 60-feet ceiling is a host to multiple concerts of the top names in music industry.

For those looking for a party club at the beach front, the Opium is ideal fit. The club is famous for hosting a three-day electronic dance and musical festival known as Springfest as well as WEDJ’s, another EDM that brings the best names in the DJ world to the land. Besides these there are plenty of other clubs in town worth checking out.

Go Pub Crawling

For people who don’t want to stick to single pub or bar, and want to explore multiple establishments while making new friends, the pub crawls are the best way to go about. Pub crawl packages include visit to multiple establishments included in the package with complimentary drinks at every stop and ending at a discotheque for a wild night of partying. For an all night of partying, packages that include visits to venues whose numbers are in double digits, are a must have. They even offer VIP area access to the tourist for an all exclusive experience to make the visitors feel special and get a taste of ultimate luxury. Just be prepared to be on your feet until the first ray of sun shine.

And by the time sun comes up again, a person might be tired, but they would still wish for the party to go on.


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