The night life of the city of Berlin is as rich and diverse as its culture. Berlin has always been at the center of punk music landscape and the nightlife of the city has been pre-eminent throughout the world since ages. Beer, party and dancing are the components of the perfect nightlife in Berlin.

The Land of Beers and Bars

The beer gardens and bars are the perfect place to get the party starting. Germany is well known for brewing the best beers in the world. A holiday in the land can never be complete without getting a taste of different ales and beers that are served at various pubs and bars in the city of Berlin. Some of these might even serve freshly brewed local made beer that one must surely try out. Prater Garten is one such beer garden that has been serving brews since 1837 making it the oldest in Berlin. Strandbar Mitte is another place to relax and chill out and taste a German lager. It even features an artificial beach along the Spree river.

Party Nonstop

The clubs and bars in the city have the perfect ambience to party and let oneself loose. There are no closing times for the clubs at weekends and the parties may run non-stop from late Friday evening till dawn of Monday morning. And when they do close, the bars and beer gardens will already be open to continue the party in. For an absolute party experience, it is must to attend one of these 48-hour weekend celebrations.

The Best Bars and Clubs

The city of Berlin has many bars, clubs and discotheques. The Berghain nightclub with the world-renowned Panorama Bar is an unconventional and unique club for rocking the night. Located in an abandoned building, the club has the most eminent DJs getting people grooving to electronic dance music in the main room. The Panorama Bar is located on the upper floor and serves drinks and is ideal for a romantic retreat. As the day breaks, the bar shades are drawn revealing a panoramic scene of Berlin.

SO36 is another famous club that has existed for over four decades and is ideal for audience with tastes in punk, hip hop, techno and metal genres. The club hosts multiple prominent bands and DJs and even has karaoke nights for some added fun.

Watergate is the perfect club for grooving to the music of the prominent DJs across the globe from break-beat, drum-bass and house genres. It is the ideal place for music lovers and audiophiles alike. For a techno music experience, the Tresor club is the place to hangout. Among the biggest clubs of the city, it has multiple dance floors and is housed in a deserted powerplant.

The city is also noted for its queer clubs and bars and hosts a number of festivals related to the LGBT community. The parties in the clubs and discotheques get going around 2 am in the night and continue till daybreak.


There are multiple electronic dance music festivals hosted in and around Berlin. The Lollapalooza Festival is being hosted in 2017 close to the city. The festival will feature artists and international DJs with different music styles and will be a great place to party. JazzFest Berlin is another festival celebrated for the jazz genre of music. There is a full week dedicated for musical festivities known as the International Berlin Music Week featuring parties grooving to eminent DJs. Tourists and visitors from across Europe and around the world flock these festivals.

Berlin is a home to nonstop partying marathons and offers once in a lifetime experience. It is the ideal destination for 48 hours of fun, frolic and madness on the dance floor.



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