The land of electronic music, Ibiza is a heaven for people looking to party. This spectacular island of Spain is situated in the lap of the Mediterranean Sea and is world famous for the enchanting nightlife and electronic dance music festivals that are thronged by tourists from around the globe.

The Day Starts with A Party

A typical evening begins with exploring the magnificent beaches, chilling out at boat parties and watching the sun go down at sea following which drinks, dance and some snacks at a local bar is customary. For those thinking that dance and diner in the evening is the last thing on the itinerary. The day hasn’t even begun yet. That is just warm up, the real party starts from here.

The Land of Clubs

Ibiza is a land of clubs. Different clubs play different genre of music the prominent being techno, house and trance. The music genre may change at a club every night depending on the DJ in the house and the evening special. Clubs might even have multiple floors with each having a separate DJ playing a different type of music. Pacha is one such club that has several small floors along with a main room to suit taste of different people. Amnesia is a famous club in the region that has techno DJs on some days of the week while trance and electro DJs on the others.

No list featuring the most famous clubs worldwide is complete without mentioning Privilege – the biggest club in the world. It has the honor of being a host to the biggest and best parties and concerts. It has a swimming pool in the middle of its gigantic main room. The room is big enough to house a family of the most enormous dinosaurs. The party at the club continues till dawn when the first rays of sun hit its dance floor.

Music Dance Festivals

Ibiza is a home to multiple festivals held during the summers wherein DJs from around the world make the crowds groove to their rhythms. The festival season is from June to early October. Most of these clubs organize their own festival during this season.

Ibiza Rocks Hotel hosts quite a lot of musical festivals on the stage of its huge courtyard at center. It has a pool and bars to cater to the crowds. The parties begin in the evening with the setting sun and continue late into the night, finishing at disco sunrise. Until six in the morning.

The Famed Musical Bars

There are plenty of bars around the resort of Ibiza that offer a comparatively serene ambience for relaxing in between the parties. Some of these might be along the beautiful beaches, such as the world renowned Caló des Moro beach, that offer a spectacular view of the setting sun. Café del Mar is one of the most renowned bars of Ibiza brought to fame by DJ José Padilla. The bars in the town are the ideal place to go for a pre-partying routine and have DJs playing music. For couples looking for a romantic retreat, these bars are the prefect place.

Boat Parties

The fun is incomplete in the land of Ibiza if there is no party on a boat. There are plenty of organizers and promoters hosting parties in the middle of the sea. From party barges to sophisticated cruises, there is something to suit all budgets and tastes. Most of the boat parties are held during the evening and later the guests might even be invited to a party at a club or a discothèque.

The holiday life in Ibiza is literally sleeping all day and partying all night. It is a dream come true for all the party freaks.

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