For a person touring Croatia, and looking for a hot and happening place to party and chill around, visiting Pag island is sine qua non. The island is famous for its beaches, pool parties, electronic dance festivals, boat parties and non-stop fun round the clock.

Beach Clubs

The most popular beaches on the island have plenty of clubs that offer people the perfect retreat from reality and get into fun mod. There are plenty of beach parties organized at the sea shore by both private restaurants and independent organizers. The Zrce beach has plenty of clubs that act as bars during the day and host a fabulous party with onset of night. Most clubs are open from June to August, the summer season that sees plenty of tourists visiting the place.

Kalypso, the most famous club on the beach has been getting people on the dance floor for over three decades. There are multiple bar counters in the club serving drinks, multiple floors including one that feature an open dance floor, and even a swimming pool that allows for some fun and relaxation even in the day.

Another famous bar that turns into a party venue at the beach is the Aquarius Zerc. It also features a swimming pool, has multiple dance floors, both open air and enclosed, and VIP lounges for the most prominent personalities. The club invites multiple DJs from around the world to host parties and concerts at the venue.

The Zerc Beach also has the Papaya which has an open-air dance floor, Euphoria, Noa beach Club and the Cocomo club for having fun during the day and partying during the night. A tourist may dress up for a theme based party, have some fun at the pool area or even get onto the beach or venture into the sea for some adrenaline pumping activities.

Musical Festival

Zrce beach hosts many music events such as the Barrakud Croatia that allows eight consecutive days of festivity. Eminent names in the DJ world get the crowd grooving to their magical electronic music. The clubs in collaboration with each other organize multiple electronic dance music festivals on the beaches. The most popular of these include the Hideout Festival that will hosted for seventh time in 2017, a five day and night Sonus Festival will get people to groove for fifth time in five consecutive years, the eight day Barrakud and the Fresh Island Festival. The festivals even include astonishing cirque performances that include fire shows and artistic colorful dances as well as a spectacular celebration parties featuring use of colors. Most of these festivals occur in tandem or consecutively one after another allowing the tourists to go on a continuous streak of partying for a whole month.

Pool Parties and Boat Parties

Plenty of venues around on the Island host pool parties. There is music and drinks around a swimming pool. Splash around in the water, take a dip to beat the heat and have some drinks to chill out and relax during the day and go wild and start partying as soon as the sun goes down.

Several clubs and organizers even provide packages for boat parties along with entry to the music festivals. These party barges and cruisers serve the drinks on board with DJs rocking the house with their music. For individuals looking to have fun with nothing but miles of ocean around them, boat parties are perfect.

The clubs of Pag have made it a hotspot for tourists over many decades. With the biggest DJs from around the world getting people swinging to their rhythm 24/7, surely the party never stops in Pag.


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