Malia, Crete

Malia nightlife is legendary in this beach resort in Crete and considered to be one of the best resorts to go to because it has such an exciting nightlife. There are a vast number of bars with cheap booze and they all seem to have a fantastic party atmosphere.

Zoo Bar – is an open roof venue in Malia and the only one that exists. It is great for that under the star dancing experience while you are enjoying the free flow of cocktails and concoctions that make the Malia bars so famous. The bar boasts VIP booths all with their own TV screen, gaming consoles and internet access. For those who love to be in the crowd can enjoy the biggest project screen and 23 flat screen TV’s to view their favourite sporting event.

Corkers Bar – located in the middle of the strip in the heart of Malia offers a night of great fun, exotic drinks and to top it all affordable prices. The music caters for all that visit the bar from pop, R n B and club classics. Dancing on the floor or the pole is the norm in this fun filled bar and is always full of laughs with the drinking games and funnels.

The Loft – easy to find and a relaxing enjoyable venue while you are on holiday in Malia. The Loft is open 24 hours a day with it being a lively noisy bar at night to a restaurant during the day with a more than adequate menu. The favourite dishes are the chicken fajitas and ribs and you will certainly not be disappointed with the food selection and quality if you visit this bar.

WKD Bar – opens at 9 am and closes again at 5 am and is famous for its MG Cocktail. You will not receive the recipe for this cocktail but it is sure to get you smashed. Visiting WKD that is not a problem because the restaurant serves a breakfast that will cure any hangover. With its unbelievable atmosphere, the WKD is a great relaxed bar to visit while you are on holiday.

Zig Zag Club – one of Malia’s hottest clubs to visit. They have a reputation that has been going for some years now and they strive to make the clubbing experience one of the best that you will have in Malia. The sound and lighting experience is one that ensures that you get the best effects and sound that the DJ are producing realising their full potential. Every night is an extreme clubbing experience.

Warehouse Club – is rated with all the other top clubs in Malia. The club offers live music every Wednesday throughout the summer and some of the top artists have performed at this club. The DJ’s keep the crowds on their feet with their well-selected music and if you are one that likes a special clubbing experience the Warehouse Club is a definite must.

Apollo Club – it is the most well-known club on the strip and situated right in the heart of the clubbing zone. It is always busy and jumping inside the Apollo. The Apollo is a massive club and hosts most of Malia’s top events during the summer and it is surely the best place to go dancing. The Apollo is filled with an atmosphere of fun and a popular venue for those who love to have a great night out.

Malia with all its bar and clubs is a great holiday destination for having an exciting nightlife and relaxed day activities. Once you have been there it is a resort that you would not mind returning to.

Kavos, Greece

Kavos is considered to be the number one destination in Greece to go partying. Not only has it got the restaurants to suit all palates but it boasts over 80 bars. If you feel like a party filled holiday, day in and day out then Kavos Greece is the destination that you should put on your bucket list.

Streetz– a cafe restaurant and Cocktail bar that really has it all. During the day you can sit and relax and update your social media sites with the free WIFI offered, watch a movie or the latest sports. While you are doing this you can order some of the best drinks to be found in Kavos. As the day becomes night is when the bar becomes live with music played by the DJ including indie, hip-hop, R n B and some of the older nightclub songs. The staff tirelessly serve you your drinks and make sure that you enjoy the night’s entertainment.

Buzz Bar – is right in the middle of the strip and one that you definitely have to visit. It has two huge open plan bars and there is hardly ever a time that you have to wait for a drink. The DJ’s go out of their way to make sure that the party rocks and with loud music entertaining the crowd. The parties at this bar often spread to the street creating the biggest street party in Kavos.

JC’s – this bar features a single DJ who plays indie songs and it will be definitely a night that you will remember. This one man show will be sure to entertain you right through the night with the unusual Haribo headf****r it is a bar that you must visit if you like to see the unusual.

Future Club – a must visit club when you are in Kavos. It was renovated in 2013 and has raised the standard of clubbing in Kavos to higher than any other club. It hosts a multitude of summer events and once you have had enough of the bar life in Kavos visit the biggest club in Kavos. It hosts some of the best DJ’s in the region throughout the summer and not only is it impressive to see but to hear the residents create tunes by clapping their hands together all night.

Atlantis – the hidden gem of Kavos. Located right behind the famous Futures club this after hours, fully open air venue is right on the beach. With cool seating and plenty of bars to serve your favourite drink is a must visit. The DJ’s build the mood with house music, funk and smooth tunes and because it is outside on the beach you can sit by the fire and watch the sun come over the horizon. It is the type of scenery that holiday memories are made of and will be talked about for years to come. During the day they have foam parties, paint parties and the biggest event of them all is definitely the Full Moon Party

Maria’s Famous Karaoke Fun Pub – the atmosphere is relaxed and you are made to feel welcome as soon as you arrive. The hosts go out of their way to make sure you have space even if the seats seem full. The perfect spot to go while on holiday just to have some fun, cheap beers and free cocktails not to mention the laughs and enjoyment with the karaoke. It is regarded as one of the best bars in Kavos and caters for all ages.

Kavos has all the fun and entertainment that you need with great friendly bars and nightclubs that make holidays memorable.

Barcelona, Spain

The Spanish city of Barcelona has one of the most happening nightlife. Its vivid experiences provide plenty of options for people looking to party all night long. The night comes alive as the sun sets over the horizon, revealing a side of the city that is hard to predict from its calm ambience in the day. The pubs, discs and bars of this city are among the best and host the most happening parties around the world.

Gulp some Shots at Bars

Multiple bars across Barcelona are famous for their unique shots. Some of these bars have hundreds of different shots that have their own signature taste and kick. Espit Chuptios is one such bar that is most frequently visited by tourists who are looking to get a taste of the local flavors. The shots range from mild mood setter to ones that pack a punch. For a wild night of partying, gulping some shots is the perfect start.

Get on the feet

For people in the mood to groove, Barcelona houses a number of discothèques that have the best music played by the most prominent DJs from around the globe.

These clubs open at about 10 am but the party gets into full swing around 2 am in the morning. The dance floor keeps on bustling until dawn breaks. Sleep during the day, have fun at night. And the parties are hosted every day of the week. Early entry might even get an individual an offer in happy hours that might include complimentary drinks and free food.

Find the dance floor

A person may opt for clubs based on their musical preferences and the atmosphere. Many of these clubs also have international DJ nights.

If a person is looking for a club that is open air, the La Terrraza is the go to place. It is among the most popular nightclubs of Barcelona. It is a castle refurbished into a nightclub and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. It is perfect for spending all night dancing under the stars.

Another popular club worth checking out is the Razzmatazz. It is a unique discotheque as it has five separate dance floors each with their own ambience and music genre. Its 60-feet ceiling is a host to multiple concerts of the top names in music industry.

For those looking for a party club at the beach front, the Opium is ideal fit. The club is famous for hosting a three-day electronic dance and musical festival known as Springfest as well as WEDJ’s, another EDM that brings the best names in the DJ world to the land. Besides these there are plenty of other clubs in town worth checking out.

Go Pub Crawling

For people who don’t want to stick to single pub or bar, and want to explore multiple establishments while making new friends, the pub crawls are the best way to go about. Pub crawl packages include visit to multiple establishments included in the package with complimentary drinks at every stop and ending at a discotheque for a wild night of partying. For an all night of partying, packages that include visits to venues whose numbers are in double digits, are a must have. They even offer VIP area access to the tourist for an all exclusive experience to make the visitors feel special and get a taste of ultimate luxury. Just be prepared to be on your feet until the first ray of sun shine.

And by the time sun comes up again, a person might be tired, but they would still wish for the party to go on.


Berlin, Germany

The night life of the city of Berlin is as rich and diverse as its culture. Berlin has always been at the center of punk music landscape and the nightlife of the city has been pre-eminent throughout the world since ages. Beer, party and dancing are the components of the perfect nightlife in Berlin.

The Land of Beers and Bars

The beer gardens and bars are the perfect place to get the party starting. Germany is well known for brewing the best beers in the world. A holiday in the land can never be complete without getting a taste of different ales and beers that are served at various pubs and bars in the city of Berlin. Some of these might even serve freshly brewed local made beer that one must surely try out. Prater Garten is one such beer garden that has been serving brews since 1837 making it the oldest in Berlin. Strandbar Mitte is another place to relax and chill out and taste a German lager. It even features an artificial beach along the Spree river.

Party Nonstop

The clubs and bars in the city have the perfect ambience to party and let oneself loose. There are no closing times for the clubs at weekends and the parties may run non-stop from late Friday evening till dawn of Monday morning. And when they do close, the bars and beer gardens will already be open to continue the party in. For an absolute party experience, it is must to attend one of these 48-hour weekend celebrations.

The Best Bars and Clubs

The city of Berlin has many bars, clubs and discotheques. The Berghain nightclub with the world-renowned Panorama Bar is an unconventional and unique club for rocking the night. Located in an abandoned building, the club has the most eminent DJs getting people grooving to electronic dance music in the main room. The Panorama Bar is located on the upper floor and serves drinks and is ideal for a romantic retreat. As the day breaks, the bar shades are drawn revealing a panoramic scene of Berlin.

SO36 is another famous club that has existed for over four decades and is ideal for audience with tastes in punk, hip hop, techno and metal genres. The club hosts multiple prominent bands and DJs and even has karaoke nights for some added fun.

Watergate is the perfect club for grooving to the music of the prominent DJs across the globe from break-beat, drum-bass and house genres. It is the ideal place for music lovers and audiophiles alike. For a techno music experience, the Tresor club is the place to hangout. Among the biggest clubs of the city, it has multiple dance floors and is housed in a deserted powerplant.

The city is also noted for its queer clubs and bars and hosts a number of festivals related to the LGBT community. The parties in the clubs and discotheques get going around 2 am in the night and continue till daybreak.


There are multiple electronic dance music festivals hosted in and around Berlin. The Lollapalooza Festival is being hosted in 2017 close to the city. The festival will feature artists and international DJs with different music styles and will be a great place to party. JazzFest Berlin is another festival celebrated for the jazz genre of music. There is a full week dedicated for musical festivities known as the International Berlin Music Week featuring parties grooving to eminent DJs. Tourists and visitors from across Europe and around the world flock these festivals.

Berlin is a home to nonstop partying marathons and offers once in a lifetime experience. It is the ideal destination for 48 hours of fun, frolic and madness on the dance floor.



Pag, Croatia

For a person touring Croatia, and looking for a hot and happening place to party and chill around, visiting Pag island is sine qua non. The island is famous for its beaches, pool parties, electronic dance festivals, boat parties and non-stop fun round the clock.

Beach Clubs

The most popular beaches on the island have plenty of clubs that offer people the perfect retreat from reality and get into fun mod. There are plenty of beach parties organized at the sea shore by both private restaurants and independent organizers. The Zrce beach has plenty of clubs that act as bars during the day and host a fabulous party with onset of night. Most clubs are open from June to August, the summer season that sees plenty of tourists visiting the place.

Kalypso, the most famous club on the beach has been getting people on the dance floor for over three decades. There are multiple bar counters in the club serving drinks, multiple floors including one that feature an open dance floor, and even a swimming pool that allows for some fun and relaxation even in the day.

Another famous bar that turns into a party venue at the beach is the Aquarius Zerc. It also features a swimming pool, has multiple dance floors, both open air and enclosed, and VIP lounges for the most prominent personalities. The club invites multiple DJs from around the world to host parties and concerts at the venue.

The Zerc Beach also has the Papaya which has an open-air dance floor, Euphoria, Noa beach Club and the Cocomo club for having fun during the day and partying during the night. A tourist may dress up for a theme based party, have some fun at the pool area or even get onto the beach or venture into the sea for some adrenaline pumping activities.

Musical Festival

Zrce beach hosts many music events such as the Barrakud Croatia that allows eight consecutive days of festivity. Eminent names in the DJ world get the crowd grooving to their magical electronic music. The clubs in collaboration with each other organize multiple electronic dance music festivals on the beaches. The most popular of these include the Hideout Festival that will hosted for seventh time in 2017, a five day and night Sonus Festival will get people to groove for fifth time in five consecutive years, the eight day Barrakud and the Fresh Island Festival. The festivals even include astonishing cirque performances that include fire shows and artistic colorful dances as well as a spectacular celebration parties featuring use of colors. Most of these festivals occur in tandem or consecutively one after another allowing the tourists to go on a continuous streak of partying for a whole month.

Pool Parties and Boat Parties

Plenty of venues around on the Island host pool parties. There is music and drinks around a swimming pool. Splash around in the water, take a dip to beat the heat and have some drinks to chill out and relax during the day and go wild and start partying as soon as the sun goes down.

Several clubs and organizers even provide packages for boat parties along with entry to the music festivals. These party barges and cruisers serve the drinks on board with DJs rocking the house with their music. For individuals looking to have fun with nothing but miles of ocean around them, boat parties are perfect.

The clubs of Pag have made it a hotspot for tourists over many decades. With the biggest DJs from around the world getting people swinging to their rhythm 24/7, surely the party never stops in Pag.