When you are visiting Tenerife the place to go is Playa de las America’s especially if you are English speaking. There are great bars and clubs in this location that cater for all ages and for all tastes. From the young single groups to the elderly baby boomer groups that would love to have a night out.

Bar and Clubs

Veronica’s – the bars around this area have a reputation of being squalid but they are actually not that bad. There are bars like O’Neills and much more in this area which hosts strip clubs and does not have a targeted audience. It is a great place to visit with all the different entertainment at your disposal especially if you are of the younger age group. Veronicas is only a stone throw away from the clubs like Tramps.

Tramps – commonly know as the king of clubs Tramps is known for the club where every night is like a Saturday night. It is known as one of the best clubs in the Canary isles and some would say the whole of Spain. The club has a great atmosphere and with it being an underground club is known for its comfort with a luxurious VIP area, huge dance floor, 4 bars and ample seating area. The club focuses on House Music and the main night is Wednesday when all the big DJ brands and celebrities are featured from across the world.

Taboo’s Nightclub – situated at the Golf del Sur’s is a popular venue for both tourists and locals. It is a great place to let your hair down and enjoy drinks and partying until late into the night. The music is a mixture of funk, disco, house and lots of other genres. This nightclub appeals to both the younger and older generations and with lots of restaurants around that you can visit before you enter the club and enjoy the rest of the night to foot tapping music at 11 pm.

The Terrace Bar – a bar that caters for all ages and entertains every age group which is especially great for families. On a Sunday it offers live sporting entertainment inside the bar and live music outside. If you and your spouse would like a bit of quiet and a break from the kids it also offers fantastic entertainment for children. It is situated in the Pebble Beach area of Tenerife and people from all over the south travel to this venue to enjoy the succulent meals made from fresh ingredients.

Acanto – there are plenty of beachside bars that are situated in Costa Adeje but they do not compete with the class that Acanto offers visitors. It is conveniently close to the El Mirador shopping centre which is on the Playa del Duque beach. It has chilled out music with 3 hours of live music at night. Don’t want the loud busy night life but a relaxing evening with great food and background music then Acanto is the place to go.

Soul Suite – want to enjoy an evening with friends, listen to music and dance the night away then at Soul Suite which is situated in the Playa-des-las-Americas is the place to go. it is all to do with entertainment at Soul Suite. Featuring music such as Motown, soul and reggae and emphasising on the quality of entertainers it will be difficult to find entertainment of a higher standard than at Soul Suite in Tenerife.

Hard Rock Cafe – the menu is great and the view of the golden mile breathtaking. Like all Hard Rock Cafes it has all the memorabilia of all the rock bands over the decades and with live shows thrown in it makes a bar that you must visit when you are in Tenerife. It is situated in the Avenida de Las Americas and is the largest Cafe in Europe. It sits 600 people with two great terraces and one of them is on the first floor where you can enjoy the view of the Golden Mile and live music from local bands.

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